Yow Hsiang Shutter Co., Ltd

Company Profile

Yow Hsiang Shutter Door Company(YH Motor) specializes in developing and manufacturing all kinds of rolling shutter door opener, gate operator, fireproof shutter doors opener, escape shutter doors opener and related electrical control and mechanical accessories.
Accumulating years of experience in development and manufacturing with technical improvement, from materials processing to product assembly, QC testing and packaging to a complete goods by a consistent work, our product quality is deeply trusted by domestic and worldwide customers, and is sold to more than 40 countries around the world.


1987, Jiuong Electric Co., Ltd. was established to develop and produce various of AC motor, DC motor and magnet motor in the beginning.
1990, Tuan Yuan construction Materials Co., Ltd. was established to invest in the production of YH rolling shutter door opener, gate operator and remote control(RC).
1993, Youzen Hardware Co., Ltd. was established to manufacture bracket, shutter door and gate relate parts/accessories.
The above companies are collectively named as Yow Hsiang Shutter Door Company (YH Motor).

Business Philosophy

The practice of pursuing excellence and innovation, adhering to the innovative three good and one reasonable business philosophy of: Good product quality , Good sales services , Good business credit and a reasonable prices.